Mr Christophe Bidou (Bordeaux, France) and Ms Diorra Mai (Singapore) founded Le Rouge with the idea of making French wines accessible, un-intimidating and fun. At Le Rouge, we want you to enjoy your wines. And let’s be honest, we want you to keep coming back for more, and to tell all your friends about us.


Not just for the connoisseurs

We believe that appreciating wine is not only about drinking, but also about exploring and discovering different cultures, regions and appellations. Every bottle of fine wine is a work of art, buying a good bottle of wine is akin to understanding a good work of art. At Le Rouge, you can tap on the wealth of knowledge on wine appreciation to find that perfect bottle for any occasion.


The finer things in life

More than a retail outlet, Le Rouge is a testament of Christophe and Diorra’s commitment to establish a doorway for everyone to appreciate the finer things in life, and to share their passion and knowledge in fine wines and chocolates.