Fantini Edizione Cinque Autoctoni, Case of 3 bottles

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The Edizione 21 is created to showcase the taste of Southern Italy by the Fantini group. Using 5 fantastic Italian grapes, the previous vintage we thought was fantastic only to be given this new release which took it to another level. Used for our pairing with a mutton dopiaza, it’s indulgent! Showing all the best characteristics of Montepulciano, that takes the lead in this blend, with a dark colour and intense profile. As a whole, the wine is fabulously balanced and intense. fruity and rich with cherry and blackcurrant. Just a touch of minerality and layers of herbs, liquorice and cocoa but so well rounded. It’s delightful. Dark and rich kashmiri chilli dishes are great but also anything with a higher proportion of onion where the sweetness gives way to the chocolate. 

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